The Peninsula of Setúbal surprises even the most distracted of the visitors, allowing you to start discovering using the five senses!

  1. Sesimbra
    Gastronomy Sesimbrense is closely linked to fishing and the sea.
    Traditional Dishes: Fish stew, Grilled fish, Prawn swordfish, Fried black swordfish fillets, Octopus rice, Sweet sardines, Fisherman's liquor.
  2. Azeitão
    The Azeitão Cheese, with a buttery texture, has been distinguished with several awards due to its excellent quality. Eating a pie of Azeitão, one of the typical sweets, and drinking a Moscatel de Setúbal is an excellent afternoon!
  3. Palmela
    Palmela is deeply recognized as a wine region. The fame of its wines and wineries crosses the world!
  4. Setúbal
    The gastronomic pearls of Setúbal fall on the Choco Frito, Sardinha Assada, distinguished in 2011 as one of the "7 Wonders of Gastronomy" and the Oysters.

Distance in km
Camping - Sesimbra42 km
SesimbraAzeitão: 16 km
AzeitãoPalmela14 km
PalmelaSetúbal10 km

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