Camping in the spring - main advantages

Camping in the spring has many advantages, such as:

  • At this time of year the occupation is lower. In principle, it allows for greater rest and relaxation.
  • There is more space available and so you can choose where you want to mount the tent and its camping accessories.
  • There is less heat.
  • The joy, the coloring, the resuscitation of animals and plants explodes. That is, invites you to enjoy nature at this time of year.
  • The stay is much more economical. In short, good for the wallet.

There are also some disadvantages to camping in the spring. Are they:

  • Pollen and dust hang in the air. As a result it is bad for allergy sufferers.
  • There is inconstancy of temperatures.
  • The pools may be closed. Therefore, this may not be a good time.
  • The awakening of animal life can be a bummer for some campers.

But there are no disadvantages that resist those who adopt this way of living nature because allergies are prevented, the backpack carries clothes a little warmer and waterproof beyond the unavoidable sunscreen.

If you have not already, decide to try camping.

First, be aware that campers have a code that you can view on here. Then just choose a tent, ride and do not forget the sleeping bag.

At purchase of the tent there are factors you will have to take into account. Just to give an example consider the following:

  • Number of people who will sleep in the tent. Are they going to be two? Four? more than four? Keep in mind the area that will occupy, since the tariff you will pay varies according to this factor (our price list on here).
  • Consider the height of the tent.
  • Quality of spies.
  • Material with which the tent is made.

In short: this is an advisable season for camping.

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