Holiday with Imagination - Natal 2019 Holiday Camp

Férias com Imaginação – Campo de Férias Natal 2019 E num pulinho vieram os dias mais frios e pequeninos…   O Natal está a chegar e o Pai Natal já nos contou um segredo: A magia vai começar!   O Campo de Férias mais divertido deste Natal está à porta (vê o programa aqui). De …

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Vacation with imagination summer 2019

Vacation with imagination summer 2019? Count on us! The imaginative summer holidays 2019 at Lisboa Camping & Bungalows are being prepared. As in previous years, the program in preparation will bear in mind that the best way to learn is to play. And similarly to 2018 we will bear in mind that it is not just "play", it is about creating, ...

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Camping in the spring

Camping in the spring - main advantages Camping in the spring has many advantages, such as: At this time of year the occupation is less. In principle, it allows for greater rest and relaxation. There is more space available and so you can choose where you want to mount the tent and its camping accessories. There is …

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Paintball Ambush at Lisboa Camping

Paintball Ambush in Lisbon Camping The Ambush Adventure Park is already installed in Lisboa Camping & Bungalows. If you like Paintball and are an individual player or do not have enough friends to do a paintball game then you can contact this our partner. The same can do if you want to form a team or if you want ...

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Green Beans at Lisboa Camping

Green Beans in Lisboa Camping has already opened! The Green Beans at Lisboa Camping has already opened. This Green Bean park is, first of all, the first to embrace a Natura concept in its fullness. In this new equipment Nature is above all the main stage and the child and his family the protagonists. Installed ...

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Piscinas do Lisboa Camping

Swimming pools open June 1 Please note that access is not open to the public. It is reserved for users of Lisboa Camping & Bungalows. It may be a Park user who exhibits and demonstrates ownership of a means of camping and / or caravanning (Article 11 of the Rules of Procedure). This will not allow access ...

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How to get to Lisboa Camping

How to get to Lisboa Camping & Bungalows Do you want to know how to get to Lisboa Camping & Bungalows? We would like to help you by alerting you to some mishaps that can happen along the way. Firstly, know that the camping is part of the main lung of Lisbon. Monsanto is the largest Portuguese forest park and one of the ...

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Visits to Lisbon and surroundings

The suggestions of Lisboa Camping & Bungalows The Lisboa Camping & Bungalows enjoys a privileged location in the region. Although it depends on the length of your stay, there are several tours you can do. Just to give an example you can click on the name of the different available tours: Lisbon Old Tour Monuments Tour Lisbon Modern Tour ...

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Mascara Ibérica - festival of interaction

Iberian Mask: The charm is back with passage through the Lisboa Camping & Bungalows. The Iberian Mask and its annual festival is back between the 16th and 19th of May. Undeniably a high point of promotion and popular culture spread. Lisboa Camping & Bungalows, similar to previous years, houses many of the ...

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Holidays with imagination

In Lisbon Camping Imagination Holidays await your children Holidays with imagination is the motto of the Atelier of Easter 2019 that starts already on the 8th of April and lasts for two weeks. If you have not yet enrolled your children, we give you five tips for doing so because you are still going to ...

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Who we are

Lisboa Camping & Bungalows has 38ha. prepared to welcome more than 1800 guests in bungalows, spacious places for caravans or campers and a large area for tents for 365 days. It allows to enjoy a natural environment in the city ...

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